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Ozone - Wash 101

Better & Safer!

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Ozone - Washed! Yes, we know it sounds fancy. The only other reference you are probably familiar with is  - “The Ozone Layer”. If someone asks you - What does the Ozone layer do? -  you’d most likely say ...“it's this layer in the atmosphere that keeps us safe from the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet light”. If however, someone asks you to explain what Ozone is? Like almost everyone, your answer would be something like…” Hmmm….I’m not sure exactly. It just keeps us alive...that’s all that matters” 

So, you already kinda know Ozone is a good thing. It keeps everyone safe. In fact, keeping our ozone layer alive and kicking is what climate change is all about. We simply cannot live without it. 

To keep things simple, let’s just tackle the 2 words: Ozone + Washed

You already know washing implies cleanliness. We shower, we wash our clothes, and we wash our fruits and vegetables. Nobody questions this behaviour. We inherently know this activity cleans and we need cleanliness. 

Coming to fruits and vegetables, all of us wash our produce at home for a few minutes at a minimum before eating anything. Covid saw the rise of disinfecting machines that get rid of the virus from the surface of items. What do these machines do? Get rid of a virus you can’t see. This is what “Ozone - Washing” does at its core. It removes harmful contaminants from the surface of your fruits & veggies

How does Ozone sanitize your fruits & vegetables?

Ozone is a powerful natural oxidizing agent (1.5 times stronger than Chlorine). On contact with pathogens and microbes that cause illness, Ozone is able to penetrate their cell walls and destroy the cells completely in just seconds.

Is Ozone Safe?

Ozone - Washing is simply using ozone dissolved in water (aqueous ozone). This method is recognized as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA (USA). Due to its high reactivity, it quickly reverts back to oxygen, leaving no chemical residues. In addition, it contains no chemical additives. It is after all "Mother Nature's Detergent"

What does Ozone Kill?

Ozone washing is particularly effective against the following common pathogens:
 - E. COLI: infections especially arise from contaminated produce. Causes food poisoning and is particularly dangerous for young children and older adults as can lead to life-threatening kidney failure.
- Salmonella: Most common cause of food-related illness and severe food poisoning
- Staph A: Can cause serious infections, like blood poisoning and toxic shock syndrome, along with common skin infections
- Enterobacter aerogenes: Can cause gastrointestinal infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), skin & respiratory infections, and adult meningitis.
- Klebsiella pneumonia: Can cause severe infections in your lungs, bladder, brain, liver, eyes, blood, & wounds

Think of Ozone - Washing as a choice. A choice that keeps you safe in the long run. We all buy insurance & most of us exercise regularly, look before crossing a road and do a wide range of other activities that keep us safe. Choosing to eat Ozone - Washed produce is a similar life choice. Eating safer is the goal. Ozone - Washed produce is just one step you can take on this journey. 

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