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White Radish
White Radish
White Radish
Radish [Ozone - Washed]

1 Kg


1 Kg - ₹45
1 Kg



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500 Gms



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- Farm to Door in 24 hrs
- Non - GMO
- Diabetic friendly: Chemical substances found in radishes, such as glucosinolate & isothiocyanate, can help manage blood sugar levels
- Elongated & cylindrical with crunchy texture & mild, semi-sweet, and peppery, tangy flavor
- Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week
- Shelf life: Up to 3 days

How We Quality Check?

- Checked for decayed or yellow tops
- Checked for no shriveled and surface damage

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What makes Radish a superfood?
This vegetable is rich in Vitamin C. The potassium in Radish helps to reduce the risk of kidney stones & helps to lower blood pressure levels. It helps boost immunity plus reduces acidity &er gastric problems.

- Rich in Vitamin C: 17% of DV
- Rich in Copper: 5% of DV
- Rich in Iron: 4% of DV

Health Benefits:
- Radishes are effective detoxifiers, as they purify the blood by destroying toxins & wastes that our bodies accumulate over time
- Radish is an excellent diuretic, cleanser & disinfectant that aids in the treatment of a variety of renal ailments by washing away toxins accumulated in the kidneys & blood

How can you enjoy your Radishes?
- Radishes can be julienned and pickled with other vegetables, spiralized as a noodle alternative, thinly sliced for sandwiches, piled into spring rolls, or blended into salads & coleslaw
- Slicing it into stir-fries, steaming it as a side dish, roasting it into chips, simmering it in soups, curries &stews, or braising it as a savoury vegetable are all options

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