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Organic Ridge Gourd

1 Kg


1 Kg - ₹158
1 Kg



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- Farm to Door in 24 hrs
- Non - GMO
- Healthy Weight Loss: Because ridge gourd is low in calories & abundant in critical nutrients, it can help you lose weight faster by reducing cravings & increasing fat burning
- White flesh with a tender texture & develops a mildly sweet flavour when cooked; the dark green skin is laced with equally spaced ridged peaks
- Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week
- Shelf life: Up to 4 days

How We Quality Check?

- Checked for signs of deformity and damage
- Verified to be free from holes and cracks
- We inspect all the gourds for dried skin or stalk


What makes Organic Special?
- Organic foods typically include more beneficial components, such as antioxidants, than conventionally farmed foods
- Grown with 100% Natural Pest Management Methods & Fertilizers
- Because organic food does not contain preservatives, it is usually fresher
- Organic farming is generally more environmentally friendly
- Organic food is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

- Rich in Folates: 8% of DV
- Rich in Copper: 7% of DV
- Rich in Fibre: 9% of DV

Health Benefits:
- Ridge gourd has the ability to remove harmful wastes and undigested food particles from the blood. As a result, it is essential for improving liver health and bile function
- Ridge gourd is a water vegetable with a lot of liquid content, which has a lot of cooling properties and helps to reduce body heat

How to enjoy your Ridge Gourd (Turai)?
- Ridge gourd can be peeled and sliced or cut into bite-size pieces for stir-frying, battering, and deep-frying, or added to soups, dals, or curries
- In India, the gourd is used in sabzis, or cooked vegetable dishes, where it is cooked with peas, cauliflower, and tomatoes in a spice-filled stew. It's great in stews and other vegetable-based recipes

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