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- Farm to Door in 24 hrs
- Non - GMO
- Improved gut health: Lemongrass includes a compound called citral, which has been shown to aid with stomach problems
- Averages around 30 cm in length. Tender stalks with a sweet, tropical citrusy aroma
- Can be refrigerated for up to a week
- Shelf life - Up to 2 to 3 days

How We Quality Check?

- We reject lemongrass with fibrous stems and coarse leaves
- Checked for signs of decay, softness, and wilted leaves
- Checked for color (yellowish green in color is rejected)

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- Rich in Manganese: 18% of DV
- Rich in Iron: 7% of DV
- Rich in Copper: 2% of DV

Health Benefits:
- Lemongrass helps your haemoglobin levels to rise by promoting the growth of RBCs
- Lemongrass has antibacterial & antifungal qualities, making it a great choice for skin cleansing

How can you enjoy your Lemongrass?
- Use it for its fragrance in soups and curries
- Lemongrass is often used to prepare tea and oil
- Lemongrass is used extensively in Asian cuisines as a marinading agent

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