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Carrot Noodles

250 Gms




What are Carrot noodles?
- Carrot noodles are which in fresh carrot is converted into long & curly julienne strands.
- Carrot Noodles are a healthy alternative for gluten-rich & carb-rich noodles/spaghetti & pastas.
- Carrot Noodles are prepared from Ozone-Washed, Non-GMO grown carrots & are hygienically packed for your convenience.


- Rich in Vitamin A: 92% of DV
- Rich in Thiamin: 9% of DV
- Rich in Fibre: 7% of DV

Health benefits:
- Carrot noodles are gluten-free as they are not made from flour, wheat, or grains and are purely made from raw & fresh carrots. As gluten increases the risk of gut inflammation, digestion-related issues, carrot noodles are a healthier alternative.
- Carrots are beneficial to the eyes because they contain carotenoids, or vitamin A, which not only improves eye health but also helps to avoid problems like night blindness and age-related muscle degeneration.
- Carrots are high in fiber, which not only aids digestion but also helps to cleanse the bowels effectively. Fibre is also helpful in controlling blood sugar levels and assisting with weight loss

How can you enjoy your Carrot Noodles?
1. Seasame Chilli Carrot Noodles:
- Whisk together sesame oil, soy sauce, lime juice, chili sauce, and honey in a large wok.
- Toss in the Pluckk carrot noodles, sesame seeds, onions, and coriander.
- Serve hot with a choice of beverage & appetizer.

2. Vietnamese Carrot noodle salad:
- Combine 1 lemon or vinegar with a dash of honey & a little soy sauce with a whisk till it emulsifies.
- Add Pluckk Carrot noodles and spring onions toss till it is well coated.
- Garnish with fried garlic & toasted sesame seeds

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