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Capsicum (Yellow + Red)
Capsicum (Yellow + Red)
Capsicum (Yellow + Red)
Capsicum (Yellow + Red) [Ozone-Washed]

1 Pc x (300-400 Gms)



How We Quality Check?

- Checked for a small hole in the capsicum
- We inspect for uniform color throughout the vegetable
- No bruising and black marks


Capsicum, along with bell peppers, is native to South America and belongs to the nightshade family, with brinjals. You can pop it in a grill and enjoy it charred or bite into it raw to enjoy the tangy spiciness. This water-rich and low-calorie food are great for those on a weight-loss journey or on a health-conscious diet. Capsicum is known to improve eye-sight and even prevent anaemia. Green capsicum has a more bitter flavour profile. The yellow variety is sweeter, with the sweetest being red capsicum.


Seasonality Advice - Please note that due to seasonal changes Colored capsicum (whole and /or cut) may soften post-delivery and therefore should be checked before consumption.

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This combo contains:
- Capsicum Yellow: 1 Pc
- Capsicum Red: 1 Pc

Health Benefits:
- Great detoxifying agent and immunity booster
- Promotes easy digestion & aids in weight loss

How can you enjoy your Capsicum Combo?
- Can be added as toppings on pizzas, sandwiches, and in the preparation of stir-fries, salads and curries
- Roast Red Peppers in olive oil and salt and store in mason jars or consume immediately.
- Stuff red peppers with ground meat or veg filling and bake in an oven/clay pot with spices

I. All about Ozone:
What is Ozone?
Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. It is formed mainly by sunlight or lightning, which causes an ordinary oxygen molecule (O2) to join with an unstable oxygen atom becoming ozone (O3.)

How does Ozone sanitize your fruits & vegetables?
Ozone is a powerful natural oxidizing agent (1.5 times stronger than Chlorine). On contact with pathogens and microbes that cause illness, Ozone is able to penetrate their cell walls and destroy the cells completely in just seconds.

Is Ozone Safe?
Ozone - Washing is simply using ozone dissolved in water (aqueous ozone). This method is recognized as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA (USA). Due to its high reactivity, it quickly reverts back to oxygen, leaving no chemical residues. In addition, it contains no chemical additives. It is after all "Mother Nature's Detergent"

What does Ozone Kill?
Ozone washing is particularly effective (99.9% reduction) against the following common pathogens:
- E. COLI: infections especially arise from contaminated produce. Causes food poisoning and is particularly dangerous for young children and older adults as can lead to life-threatening kidney failure.
- Salmonella: Most common cause of food-related illness and severe food poisoning.
- Staph A: Can cause serious infections, like blood poisoning and toxic shock syndrome, along with common skin infections.
- Enterobacter aerogenes: Can cause gastrointestinal infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), skin & respiratory infections, and adult meningitis.
- Klebsiella pneumonia: Can cause severe infections in your lungs, bladder, brain, liver, eyes, blood, and wounds.

II. Healthier, fresher and cleaner. How do we do it?
- Healthier: Our farmer partners are chosen based on their deep crop experience, sustainable farming methods and rigid adherence to the use of Non-GMO seeds. This enables us to deliver much healthier produce to you that is just as nature intended
- Fresher: We don't stock. Only after your order is placed do our Farmer Partners harvest. Your tomatoes arrive at our collection centres a few hours later and then go through stringent quality control to ensure only the best are delivered to you. That's how we do Farm to Door in 24 hours which gives you Truly Fresh Tomatoes with a much longer shelf life.
- Cleaner: Only pluckk uses the Safest & Strongest method for sanitizing our produce: Ozone - Washing. It is 100% Natural & Eco- Friendly, uses No Chemical Additives and is recognized as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA (USA) for use in Food. Ozone - Wash completely removes surface residues, and harmful food pathogens like E.Coli, Salmonella and Staph A. while also significantly reducing pesticide, fungicide and insecticide residues.

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