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Biryani Mix

200 Gms




This mix contains:
- Carrot ( 50 Gms )
- Cauliflower ( 50 Gms )
- Green Peas ( 50 Gms )
- French Beans ( 50 Gms )

Raita Mix:  
- Tomato: 30 gms
- Cucumber: 30 gms
- Onion: 30 gms

- Coriander: 5 gms
- Mint: 5 gms

- Veg Biryani Masala: 10 gms

How to prepare a delicious Biryani?
- Wash your rice 5x times & soak it in drinking water for 30 minutes. 
- Drain the rice after 30 minutes and set it aside. 
- Par boil the rice up to 75% in salted water with a bouquet garni ( cinnamon, bay leaves, clove, cardamom, star anise)
- Drain the rice and set it aside. 
- Now for the vegetable yakhni: add ghee to a pressure cooker and add finely sliced onions, along with your whole spices & ginger, garlic & chilli paste. 
- Cook this mixture for 5 minutes and add in your vegetables and cook on high heat. 
- Toss in the whipped curd mixture and combine thoroughly. 
- Seal the pressure cooker and let it cook for 3 to 4 whistles. 
- Once cooked, set aside. 
- Layer the biryani with the vegetable mix, ladled with parboiled rice.
- Add a few spoonfuls of ghee along the process till you have many layers. 
- Garnish with milk & saffron & a fresh bunch of mint and coriander. 
- Seal the container so that no steam evaporates.
- Cook for 7-10 minutes on medium-low heat. 
- Remove from flame, combine the layers and serve with your favourite raita/ saalan.

Health Benefits:
- Carrots are beneficial to the eyes because they contain carotenoids, or vitamin A, which not only improves eye health but also helps to avoid problems like night blindness and age-related muscle degeneration.
- Immunity Booster: Cauliflower is a good source of choline, a nutrient many people are lacking. It is involved in many processes in the body and works to prevent several diseases.
- Green peas are rich in fibre and low on the glycemic index with makes them Diabetic Friendly & Heart Friendly.
- Healthy Weight Loss: French Beans are rich in Fibre aiding digestion. It is also a mild diuretic and helps eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

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