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Asparagus is a nutrient-packed veggie!

A super source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E and K

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Want to switch to a greener & cleaner diet in 2022? Welcome to Pluckk - we’re going to take you on a healthy expedition like never before! 

What is Asparagus?

A quick browse through today’s restaurant menus will find you witness to various dishes curated with this wonderful perennial herb we call Asparagus.  

This low-in-calorie vegetable comes in various shades like green, purple and white. Fibre-rich Asparagus belongs to the lily family and is cooked in numerous styles across the world. Eating this green vegetable comes with a host of health benefits, including weight loss, boosted gut health & immunity, and regulation of blood pressure. 

Things you didn’t know about Asparagus!

High in nutrition & low in calories makes it a delicious way to manage weight. It is rich in fibre, zinc, iron, riboflavin, folate, and vitamins (C, A, K & E). 

Simple ways to cook Asparagus:

We’ve got a ton of ideas for you to choose from. Read on!

Searing: Place the Asparagus on a hot griddle along with some garlic oil and keep turning till it’s well charred on all sides. Season to taste and squeeze lemon juice to add brightness. 

Steaming: Steam this fibre-rich vegetable in a steamer and drizzle with a miso/soy glaze, chilli oil. Top with sea salt and almond slivers.

Soup it: Cook on a medium heat flame along with oil, garlic and vegetable stock. Set aside to cool and puree. Bring back to heat and adjust the seasoning. Finish with almond cream (optional). 

Stir Fry: One can add stir-fried Asparagus to salads, pasta and curries. 

Pickling: Pickling is an easy way to preserve these beauties. Always remember to use a 50/50 brining solution of vinegar and water with spices of choice. 

How we pick Asparagus? 

While selecting asparagus, we choose stalks that are fully green and have firm spears. Just like kale, you must store them in a cool place and try to consume them within 4 days of purchase.

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