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Waldorf Salad [Ranch Dressing]

250 Gms




Our Farm-Fresh Salad Ingredients are 2X Washed for complete hygiene!
➤ Immersed in an aqueous vinegar solution to rid of any external impurities.
➤ Rinsed in a water bath prior to preparation
➤ Prepared in a clean kitchen environment using gloves & sterilized equipment.

- Enjoy our version of the classic Waldorf Salad, originally created by Oscar Tschirky
- Specially curated by our team of Chefs
- Each mix contains only the best selection of quality ingredients.
- Storage tip: Has a shelf life of 2 to 3 days. Best Consumed immediately. Refrigerate on arrival.
- Non-GMO.
- Made to Order & Hygienically Packed.


This salad contains:
- Romaine Lettuce (30 Gms)
- Butterhead Lettuce (30 Gms)
- Celery (15 Gms)
- Green Grapes (25 Gms)
- Red Grapes ( 25 Gms)
- Green Apple (50 Gms)
- Caramelized Walnut (10 Gms)
- Dried Cranberry (15 Gms)
- Ranch Dressing: 50 Gms

Health Benefits:
- Rich in Vitamin C: boosts immunity & helps fight inflammation.
- Rich in Vitamin K: helps strengthen bones.

Allergens: This Product contains nuts/ dried berries.

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