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Exotic Veggie Basket - 2.2Kg

  • ₹499.00

Exotic Veggie Basket - 2.2Kg

  • ₹499.00

How to get your FREE Exotic Veggie Basket?

Step 1: Add Exotic Veggie Basket worth ₹499 to your cart.

Step 2: Shop for other items worth ₹199

Step 3: Go to cart page & apply Coupon: FIRSTONUS

Step 4: Add address & pay. 

Step 5: Hurray, your exotic basket is on the way!

*Note- the basket is for representation purposes only & not a part of the order.

High in nutrition and flavor, get this Exotic Veggies Basket, which has been specially curated just for you. This basket is packed with Vitamin C-rich bell peppers, antioxidant-rich mushrooms, Fiber-rich Zucchini, and much more! Prepare some wonderful Exotic-Infused Dishes with this Exotic Veggie Basket

Accept the challenge of living a healthy lifestyle. 


What’s in your Exotic Veggie Basket?

  • Broccoli - (250-350) GM
  • (Red/Yellow) Cherry Tomato - 200 GM
  • Lemongrass - 200 GM
  • Baby Corn Peeled - 250 GM
  • Spring Onion (Premium, Grade - A) - 100 GM
  • Lettuce Iceberg - 200 GM
  • Mushroom - 200 GM
  • Summer Squash Combo - 500 GM
  • Brown Shimeji Mushroom - 125 Gm


Health Benefits:

  • Broccoli - Broccoli is high in vitamin C, a substance that has been linked to a healthy immunological response.
  • Lemongrass - Lemongrass has antibacterial and antifungal qualities, making it a wonderful choice for skin cleansing
  • Cherry Tomato (Red) - Cherry Tomatoes vitamin mix helps to avoid cardiovascular illnesses like arrhythmia and maintain a healthy heart.
  • Baby Corn Peeled - Because baby corn contains a significant amount of fiber, it aids with digestion.
  • Spring Onion - Spring onions have carotenoids that maintain good vision. Due to the presence of sulphur compounds, this vegetable helps to prevent diabetes and aids in digestion.
  • Lettuce Iceberg - Iceberg lettuce can help you get more fiber and hydration. This will help to enhance gut health.
  • Mushroom - Beta-glucan present in the cell wall of mushrooms helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Summer Squash Combo - It is known to aid digestion, improve heart health, bone health, and strength along with vision
  • Brown Shimeji Mushroom- are high in dietary fiber, can also help to decrease cholesterol levels. The fiber boosts bile acid excretion while simultaneously lowering insulin levels in the blood.
Country Of Origin:  India
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