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2 Pcs (400 Gms)




- Farm to Door in 24 hrs: Harvested after ordering
- Non - GMO
- Immunity Booster: Guavas are one of the most abundant sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts immunity and protects you from common diseases and viruses.
- Guavas have an average diameter of 8 cm. These fruits have a crisp sweet flavour with floral notes and a crunchy/ grainy texture.
- Consume fresh or refrigerate for 2/3 days upon arrival.


- Rich in Fibre: 19% of DV
- Rich in Protein: 5% of DV
- Rich in Vitamin C: 200% of DV

Health Benefits:
- Guavas help to prevent diabetic complications due to their high fibre content and low glycemic index. While the low glycemic index prevents a quick surge in sugar levels, the amount of fibre keeps blood sugars well-regulated.
- Guava is well known for its ability to improve visual health due to its high concentration of Vitamin A. It can not only keep your eyesight from deteriorating, but it can also help you see better. It can assist to delay the onset of cataracts and macular degeneration.

How can you enjoy your Guavas?
- Guava tastes lovely with salt and paprika.
- Use these Guavas to make Guava Ice Cream, Granita, Jam, Guava cheese, Guava Juice, Chutney, Guava Halwa & Guava Jelly.
- Guava also adds immense taste and texture to Salads and Chaat.

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