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About Us

We are a team of seasoned pluckkers with an eye for the ripe, the consciously harvested and the delicious. Our brown paper bags brim with good intentions that can look like tomatoes, red cabbages, avocadoes, kiwis and other familiar shapes, sizes and colours curated by us.

It’s good produce meticulously sourced and sifted, so that you get up to great things. It all starts with (a) pluckk.

Our Pluckk Promise

Everything we do is governed by what we like to call - "The Pluckk Promise". Making a promise is a powerful way to remind us about what's important and no shortcuts are to be made.

We all want to live better lives, full of aspiration and opportunity. A "Full Life" so to speak. Achieving this goal encompasses all parts of your life and when it comes to your choice in the world of produce, we want to be that partner to help you.

Our Pluckk promise is central to our goal of helping all #EatGoodDoGreat. Every aspect of the Pluckk experience right from our sourcing principles, to our expert driven picking & packing & our curation of produce is aligned to help you make better lifestyle choices.

We pluckk from the source

Each order you place is pluckked fresh for you. We harvest from our own and partner farms only once you’ve placed an order.

We pluckk to shorten the supply chain

We keep our promise of quality, fair pricing and fresh deliveries by eliminating the middleman.

We pluckk the clean

We go that extra mile to ozone- wash our produce, so that it’s rid of germs and any residue, before it reaches your doorstep.

We pluckk to put you on path of health

The foundation of our selection is good health. Foods that boost immunity, preserve gut health and are low in carbs make up our conscious curation.

We pluckk to stay ahead

We sift out the relevant and enduring from the trendy and short-lived, so that you constantly update your lifestyle for the better.

We pluckk for positive outcomes

Beyond the magic you can create in the kitchen, good produce can reinvigorate your choices and significantly alter life outcomes. We’d go so far as to say that the key to your best life is in the food choices you make.

Shop with complete peace of mind! All Pluckk orders come with:

- 100% Money-Back Guarantee

- Assured Next Day Delivery

- Multiple Modes of Easy Payment

Are you ready to live the Pluckk lifestyle?